Van security locks

Van security locks will protect your vehicle and your load, and help reduce your insurance liability. LMI Automotive Locksmith fits both van deadlocks and slam locks to commercial vehicles across the Oxfordshire, Central and Thames Valley regions.

Manufactured by specialist company Locks 4 Vans, these van security locks are accredited by the motor industry’s insurance research centre at Thatcham.

Don’t give thieves a chance – contact the LMI vehicle locksmith now to discuss your van security locks. You can send an email, phone 07798 557 188 or complete the contact form, whichever is most convenient.

Locks 4 Vans deadlocks

Locks 4 Vans deadlocksA van deadlock is a manually-operated lock which is activated by an external key. Independent of the vehicle’s own locking mechanism, a van deadlock improves your security, particularly important when you’re storing valuable tools and equipment overnight.

LMI supplies and fits the Locks 4 Vans L4V van deadlocks to protect commercial vehicles across the Oxfordshire region. Durable and manufactured to European standards, these van deadlocks are available in the S Series and the Thatcham accredited T series.

Speak to LMI today for more information on the supply and fitting of van deadlocks.

Van slam locks

Van slam locksVan slam locks are ideally suited to multi-drop delivery vehicles. Drivers doing multi-drops are often under pressure and don’t always have time to secure their vehicle, or they might simply forget, putting your high-value load at risk.

Slam locks automatically lock the door on closure giving maximum security with minimum effort. For driver safety, all Locks 4 Van slam locks comply with Health and Safety legislation. Like the deadlocks, the van slamlocks are available in both the S and Thatcham accredited T Series.

Reduce your risk today. Speak to the LMI vehicle locksmith on 07798 557 188 about the supply and fitting of your van security locks.