Replacement Fiat car keys and Alfa Romeo car keys

Replacement Fiat car keys and Alfa Romeo car keysIf you lose your Fiat keys or your Alfa Romeo car keys, help is at hand from the LMI automotive locksmith. He will not only cut new Fiat or Alfa Romeo car keys for you, he will also enter your car and manage all the programming of your transponder chips. Using LMI when you need replacement Fiat keys or Alfa Romeo key will save you a substantial amount of money and time. Dealerships charge considerably more for replacement keys than LMI.

If you need replacement Fiat or Alfa Romeo car keys in a hurry and are in Oxfordshire or any of the surrounding counties, simply call the LMI car locksmith on 07798 557 188.

Alfa Romeo and Fiat car keys – cutting service

Since the mid-1990s, all Fiats and Alfa Romeo car keys have been fitted with a transponder chip. This is a microchip contained in your car key, which is programmed to work with your immobiliser. Simply having a new car key cut is not enough. Your replacement key must also be programmed for it to work.

If all your Fiat or Alfa Romeo car keys are lost and you have to arrange for your vehicle to be towed to a main dealer, they will probably recommend changing all the door locks. This is very expensive and just one of the reasons why you will save money if the LMI vehicle locksmith replaces your lost Fiat keys or your missing Alfa Romeo keys. In addition, the dealership might have to order your replacement keys and locks from Italy, which can take several days.

The LMI auto locksmith stocks spare replacement Alfa Romeo and Fiat keys, so instead of taking days to get back on the road, you can be behind the wheel again in just a couple of hours.

Lost Fiat and Alfa Romeo keys – duplicate key cutting

If you have lost all your car keys and don’t have a spare, the LMI car locksmith will take care of everything for you. Speak to him about:

  • Duplicate Alfa Romeo car keys
  • Replacement Fiat keys

The LMI car locksmith will take care of everything for you – from gaining access to your car to cutting replacement keys and programming the transponders.

If you only have one key, you should consider having additional keys cut to prevent problems in the future.

Mobile locksmith service

When you need replacement keys for your Fiat and Alfa Romeo and you call LMI, you will get a fast response from a mobile auto locksmith. Depending on traffic and your location, the LMI mobile locksmith aims to be with you in around an hour to replace your lost keys.

Contact LMI today. You can send an email enquiry, complete the contact form, or for urgent enquiries, pick up the phone and call 07798 557 188. Whether you’ve lost your Fiat keys or need replacement Alfa Romeo keys, make the LMI auto locksmith your first port of call.