Specialist vehicle locksmith services

As well as vehicle access, cutting car keys and transponder key reprogramming, Oxfordshire-based LMI delivers a range of specialist vehicle locksmith services including:

  • Low-cost roadside car key cutting and programming
  • Broken car key extraction
  • Rover 25, 45 & MG remote / immobiliser repairs
  • Renault Clio Pin Entry Pod systems
  • Agricultural vehicle locksmith services
  • Supply and fitting of OBD Blockers

Low cost roadside key cutting and programming

If your car keys are lost or stolen or have broken in the lock, you could face a hefty bill and a long wait if you call a main dealer. Fiats, Alfa Romeo, Toyota and Lexus are some of the most expensive makes for car key replacement, which is bad news if you own one of these vehicles!

But the good news is that LMI, the Oxfordshire-based mobile automotive locksmith, will come to you and could save you up to 60% on dealer prices. No towing, no waiting for days – just a professional car locksmith who is only a phone call away on 07798 557 188.

LMI will get you in to your vehicle, cut new keys and programme your transponders while you wait.

Broken car key extraction

Car key snapped off in the lock? With a 24 / 7 service, extracting your car key and cutting you a new one is a piece of cake for LMI’s mobile car locksmith.

Rover 25, 45 & MG remote / immobiliser repairs

If you have an older Rover and lose your keys, the cost at your main dealer could be more than the value of the car. That’s because the dealer will have to replace the immobiliser system.

But the LMI auto locksmith won’t! He’ll remove the pectron unit, replace the chip, and reprogram the remote. As well as saving you money – it could save your car!

Renault Clio 2 immobiliser faults

If you have a Renault Clio 2, you should be aware it can develop immobiliser faults. If your immobiliser light starts flashing, your car won’t start.

The LMI car locksmith can bypass your immobiliser by fitting a Pin Entry Pod (PEP). All that’s needed is your 4-digit security code or the code printed on the inside of your remote. If your Renault Clio 2 has an immobiliser fault, speak to LMI. Your pre-programmed Pin Entry Pod can be sent to you by post to keep your costs to a minimum.

Agricultural vehicle locksmith services

LMI also provides automotive locksmith services for agricultural vehicles and plant across Oxfordshire and the Central and Thames Valley regions. For more information, phone LMI on 07798 557 188.