Car remote key replacements and repairs

Car remotes can be lost, stolen or broken, just as easily as car keys. If you don’t have your car remote, you can’t drive your vehicle. And that’s where LMI automotive locksmith comes in with:

From his base in Oxfordshire, the LMI car locksmith provides a mobile service across the Central and Thames Valley regions. If your car remote repair or replacement isn’t urgent, his postal service is available UK-wide.

For more information or for a no-obligation quotation, complete the contact form, send an email, or phone 07798 557 188. Don’t forget to include the make and full details of your car remote for a prompt response.

Car remote repairs

Car remotes get worn and can be damaged. For example, batteries die, micro switches can break or the casing can be broken. The mobile LMI vehicle locksmith stocks a range of spares for his car remotes’ repair service. If he doesn’t have your particular part in stock, it can be ordered and is normally available for next day delivery.

If you’re out and about and you car remote gets damaged, simply call the LMI car locksmith on 07798 557 188 and give him the details. Using specialist diagnostic equipment to locate the fault, and with his extensive range of spare parts, he can get 99% of vehicles back on the road without fuss or bother.

If it isn’t urgent and you have a spare, the LMI car locksmith offers a postal car remote repair service. With a quick turn-around, your car remotes will be repaired or replaced and returned to you, no matter where you are in the UK.

Car remote key replacement

If it is lost, stolen, or is beyond repair, the LMI vehicle locksmith will source, supply and reprogamme a replacement for you. Like remote repairs, this service is also available by post for your convenience.

If you have a problem with your car remotes, the LMI vehicle locksmith can help. Get in touch now or give him a call on 07798 557 188.