Lost car key replacement

Lost your car keys and got no spare? Has your car key broken in the lock? No problem! LMI car locksmiths can help with replacing your lost car keys, remove broken keys from the lock, and by cutting you duplicate car keys.

Based in Oxfordshire, LMI’s mobile car locksmiths service also covers the surrounding counties of Berkshire, East Gloucestershire, South Northamptonshire, Wiltshire, West Buckinghamshire and the Thames Valley region.

If you are in the Oxfordshire area and you’ve lost the keys for your car, phone LMI now on 07798 557 188. If you’re somewhere safe and simply want duplicate car keys cut, you can also send the LMI vehicle locksmith an email enquiry.

What to do when you’ve lost your car keys

  1. Phone the LMI Automotive Locksmith immediately on 07798 557 188.
  2. Give him your exact location and your mobile number.
  3. Give the car locksmith your vehicle details: the make, model, registration number and if you know it, your vehicle chassis number.
  4. If necessary, phone any family or friends to explain you have lost the keys to your car. This will prevent them worrying if you’re late.
  5. Either wait with your vehicle or at a nearby place of safety until the mobile car locksmith arrives (if you leave your vehicle, be sure to tell the car locksmith exactly where you are).

Most importantly, don’t panic. LMI Automotive Locksmith specialises in lost car key replacement. LMI will come to you, gain entry to your vehicle, cut your new car keys and reprogram your transponder, getting you safely on your way again.

How long does lost car key replacement take?

The LMI car locksmith aims to get to you within an hour of your call. However, it’s important to remember he covers a wide area and traffic congestion can cause delays.

The car locksmith carries an extensive range of key ‘blanks’ allowing him to create duplicate car keys for some 90% of vehicles. On average, it takes around an hour to enter your vehicle, replace your lost car keys, and carry out any necessary transponder reprogramming.

Lost Toyota and Lexus keys

If you have lost your Toyota keys or your Lexus keys, it’s not such a problem as you might think. If you contact your main dealer, they might tell you that you’ll have to also replace your ECU (engine control unit).

The good news is the LMI car locksmith can replace lost or stolen Toyota keys and Lexus keys without the considerable cost of replacing your ECU. Be sure to speak to LMI Automotive Locksmith first on 07798 557 188.

24 hour vehicle locksmith

Car keys can get lost or stolen at any time of the day or night. That’s why the LMI car locksmith offers a 24/7 service across the Oxfordshire and Central region. If you’ve lost your car key and no spare is available, you can call the LMI car locksmith – day or night.

Duplicate car keys

If you’ve already lost one of your car keys, don’t delay in arranging for duplicates to be cut. Losing car keys is a common occurrence, and arranging for duplicates to be cut immediately could save you from being stranded or put at risk.

If you need duplicate car keys cut, you can arrange an appointment with the LMI locksmith by sending an email, completing the contact form, or phoning 07798 557 188. Alternatively, you can arrange a postal service for your duplicate car keys. Just ask LMI for details.