If you need replacement car keys it makes sense to find a local locksmith. LMI Automotive Locksmith is based in West Oxfordshire and provides a full mobile service across the county. So if you’ve lost your car keys or need a replacement set, you won’t have to wait for weeks for your car dealership to respond. You can email or call now on 07798 557 188 if you’re in Oxfordshire and need:

Car locksmiths versus main dealers

There are two good reasons to choose an Oxfordshire car locksmith over a main dealership garage:

Speed! Because the LMI Locksmith is mobile and based in Oxfordshire, your car key replacement and repairs can be carried out quickly – even at the roadside if you’re stranded. This saves you time and hassle getting to your main dealer who might be at the other side of the county. And when you get there, you’ll probably find a dealership needs to send away for your replacement car keys which can take several days.

Cost! Using LMI car locksmiths is cost-effective. Your vehicles main dealers typically cost around 60% more than LMI!

24 hour emergency call-out across Oxfordshire

Car key emergencies can happen at any time – day or night. That’s why LMI is on-call 24/7 and will come to you – no matter where you are in the Oxfordshire region. The car locksmith’s vehicle is fully equipped with an extensive range of car key blanks for most makes including BMWs and Mercedes.

Call LMI, the Oxfordshire car locksmith, today on 07798 557 188.