OBD Blocker Supply and Installation

Want to protect your car from theft with an OBD (onboard diagnostics) Blocker? LMI is a supplier and authorised installer of OBD Blockers covering Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley region. With LMI, you can take advantage of our convenient mobile service and the work will be carried out at your home or business premises.

To make an appointment or to find out more about how having an OBD Blocker installed can help protect your car from theft, email LMI, complete the contact form, or phone 07798 557 188.

What is an OBD?

Today’s vehicles have complex electronic systems. These control things like your ignition and your engine’s performance. The OBD is the ‘on board diagnostics’ system which helps your mechanic diagnose problems if your vehicle develops a fault. It also controls your car’s security system.

OBD systems are very valuable and essential to modern vehicles, however, car thieves can use this technology to help them steal your car. All they need is a piece of electronic equipment – low cost and readily available – to clone your car key transponder. With that, it’s the work of minutes to break into your car and drive it away. But with a Blocker installed, it’s impossible for them to access your OBD and you and your vehicle is protected from theft.

How does the OBD Blocker work?

The OBD blocker is like a switch which when turned off, prevents unauthorised people from accessing your car’s on-board diagnostics system. The OBD blocker has two parts. One is attached to the OBD connector inside your vehicle. The other is a ‘tag’ which you keep on your key ring. When the blocker is activated, nobody can access your OBD system without turning off the blocker using your secure tag.

The only time you will need to unblock your OBD is if your car develops a fault. If you take your car to the garage or call out your breakdown service they will simply unblock the OBD system so they can access the diagnostics system. When the repair work has been carried out, your OBD Blocker is reactivated and your vehicle is secured once more.

DIY installation of OBD blocking systems is not recommended. As an authorised installer, the LMI Automotive Locksmith has the necessary equipment and has been trained to install the blocking systems.

Make sure your car is protected – get in touch today by email or by phone on 07798 557 188 to arrange your OBD Blocker installation.