Replacement car keys – the ideal Christmas gift?

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Christmas presentsThat time of year is fast approaching when everyone wracks their brains trying to come up with the perfect gifts for their nearest and dearest. A new set of car keys might not be exactly what you had in mind, but check out these beauties …

How about a Pagani car key? This is a miniature version of the $1.1 million Pagani Huayra supercar which opens up – one half activates the ignition and the other is a USB stick. Sadly, we haven’t been able to find the price of this one, so we’re assuming the old adage of ‘if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it’ applies!

How about diamond-studded key for your Ferrari? With just 1160 diamonds in this bespoke key fob, this has to be gift for the person who has everything (including a Ferrari of course) at a cool £14,500.

If it’s a Bentley sitting on your drive, then perhaps a diamond-studded Bentley Continental car key from Alexander Amosu would fit nicely in your Christmas stocking. And if you love a bargain, this one’s a snip at just £5,000!

And if these are too rich for you but you just happen to have a Mercedes, how about a key fob encrusted with Swarovski crystals for a mere £320? They might not be as flashy as diamonds, but they do a nice touch of bling to your motoring.

Our LMI car locksmiths stock blanks for a huge range of replacement car key blanks. And if we don’t have your model in stock, we can normally get one for next day delivery. But please be aware, if you fancy something ritzy like the ones mentioned above, delivery might take a little longer!

Finally, if you need replacement car keys (of the non-bling variety) over the Christmas holiday, don’t forget our locksmith is on 24 hour call.


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