Duplicate car keys

If you need duplicate car keys, you either have to contact a vehicle locksmith like LMI or contact a main dealer. LMI’s duplicate car key cutting and programming service is likely to cost up to 60% less than your vehicle dealership.

Duplicate car keys

From his base in Oxfordshire, the LMI automotive locksmith covers all the surrounding counties and central areas. If you need to arrange the cutting of duplicate car keys, you can drop him an email or give him a call on 07798 557 188.

Because LMI is a mobile vehicle locksmith, he will come to you to cut your duplicate car keys, saving you time and money in travelling costs. This is a big consideration if you don’t have a dealership nearby. And because your duplicate car keys are cut on the spot, you don’t have the same time delays you might experience with a dealership’s service. If your dealership can’t cut your duplicate car keys on-site, you might have to wait a few days for them to be sent off and returned.

Why might you need duplicate car keys?

If you only have one set of car keys, it makes sense to have a spare. If you lose your keys, you will need to have new keys cut for your vehicle and your transponder chip must be reprogrammed.

If more than one person drives your vehicle, having additional sets of keys makes sense too. Your spare car keys might not be available when you need them, simply because the other person has gone off with them in their pocket!

If you run a fleet of company vehicles, you should always keep a set of duplicate car keys in a secure key cabinet. The keys to fleet cars used by several different people are much more prone to being lost. Staff forget to return them or even go off on holiday, taking the car keys with them.

Contact LMI today by email or by phone on 07798 557 188. You never know when you’ll need that duplicate set of car keys!