Is your car really locked – did you check it?

Car door lockPicture the scene … you get out of your car, close the door behind you and walk off casually clicking your car remote fob behind your back or over your shoulder as you go. That’s got to be the ultimate in motoring cool, right? Er … wrong! You could be putting your car and its contents at risk.

Like all technology, car remotes can fail. Perhaps it’s simply because you didn’t depress the button properly. Perhaps your remote fob is faulty and needs to be replaced or repaired. Whatever the problem, the LMI Locksmith recommends you always check your vehicle is locked properly.

Automotive locksmiths aren’t just called out to cut new car keys or to get you into your vehicle if you’re locked out. A very important part of our work is the repair and replacement of car remote systems. If your remote key fob is faulty, you won’t be able to open your car. That causes a problem, of course, but at least your vehicle is secure. On the other hand, if you fob fails when you’re leaving your car, you have a potential problem, particularly if you haven’t checked if the locks have engaged.

The West Midlands Police have recently launched a car crime campaign called ‘Click it – Check it’ urging motorists to ‘check your fob has done its job’. This is sound advice. The campaign states around 5,000 cars are stolen or broken into because they have been left unsecured. Things like sat navs, laptops, handbags and briefcases are magnets to opportunistic thieves and should never be left in open view in your car. And if you’re found to have been negligent by leaving valuables in your car or failing to check it was properly locked, your insurers might refuse to foot the bill.

So if your car remote is on the blink or only works now and again, do something about it immediately. LMI Automotive Locksmith offers a postal repair service as well as call-outs. With a wide selection of spares, we can repair most car remotes on the spot, or order parts for next day delivery.

So don’t take chances with your car locking system. Take the advice of the West Midlands Police and ‘check your fob has done its job’.