Don’t let lost car keys spoil your Christmas cheer

Oxfordshire car locksmith call out phone number Did you know over 25% of people can confess to losing their car keys? A survey by Lloyds TSB Car Insurance said the two most likely places to lose your car keys are:

  • Out shopping – 15%
  • Visiting friends or family – 13%

It’s obvious that Christmas is the prime season when it comes to lost car keys. Losing them at work was also on the list, but at just 5%, it’s not such a high risk. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should ignore it. A lot of people work over the Christmas holiday to keep our essential services running (like the LMI car locksmith!). Imagine finishing work and looking forward to your belated Christmas dinner only to find yourself stranded because you can’t find your car keys!

Shopping is a peak Christmas activity as people fight their way round the frenzied supermarkets and bustling High Streets. Finding a lost car key in the middle of Asda would be like looking for a needle in a haystack – especially at Christmas!

How many of you are spending Christmas with the family? When you’re in your own home, you probably have somewhere you put your keys when you come in.  Take that routine away, add the family Christmas mayhem, and it won’t take much effort to forget where you left your car keys.  If it’s a big family gathering and everyone tosses their car keys on the hall table, pound to a penny someone will pick up the wrong set to put away ‘safely’.

Christmas is meant to be a time of peace, joy and goodwill. It’s also expensive and stressful if things go wrong. While your car keys might be covered on your insurance, your policy excess could be more than the cost of paying for replacements.  And who wants that added expense at Christmas?  But enough of the scare mongering. Let’s see if a little advice can reduce the number of car locksmith call-outs this Christmas.

Losing car keys when shopping

Remember, this is the highest risk scenario! If you must put your car keys in your pocket when you’re out shopping, make sure it’s deep and don’t put anything else in that pocket.  If your pockets are stuffed with tissues, loose change, your phone and assorted clutter, your keys can easily drop out without you knowing it.

Ladies, if you’re taking a handbag with you, choose one that has an inside pocket, ideally one that zips shut, so you have somewhere safe to put your keys. And like your coat pockets, ONLY keep your car keys in it!

It’s a bit harder for men, of course. If you have a coat or jacket with inside pockets – forget fashion! That’s the one to wear.

If you’re juggling shopping bags, prams and children, DO NOT put your car keys on top of the car while you get organised – that’s asking for trouble. You don’t just risk losing your keys, you could come back to find someone has made off with your car too.

Visiting friends and family

This is another high risk scenario and there is huge potential for losing your car keys if you’re visiting friends and family this Christmas. If you’re staying for a few days, store your car keys safely in your bags or suitcase. If it’s a day visit, put them safely away in a handbag or inside coat pocket.  Alternatively, put them somewhere safe – out of the reach of children – and tell everyone that’s where they are!

If you’re travelling with another adult and you have two sets of keys, take the spare with you too. Ask your travelling partner to put your car keys safely away in their luggage, in a secure pocket, and leave them there for emergency use only!  And don’t forget to retrieve them when you get home. That way, if the worst happens, you will have your spares available and you can sort out a replacement after the holiday.

No matter how many toys Santa brings, little people are likely to be more attracted to your car keys than their presents. If you don’t want them flushed down the loo, thrown out with the wrapping paper or lost in the sandpit, keep your car keys well out of reach of meddlesome little fingers.

What to do if you lose your car keys

If the worst happens and you do become a lost car key statistic this Christmas, don’t panic! If your car keys can’t be found you will need the help of a car locksmith to open your car, and cut and reprogram a new set of keys.

The LMI locksmith is on 24 hour call over Christmas and New Year if you need assistance in the Oxfordshire and Thames Valley region. His phone number is 07798 557 188.  Why don’t you program the number into your phone right now as an extra precaution.

Finally, the LMI car locksmith would like to say have a happy and safe Christmas and … be sure to look after those car keys!